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Just a Little Touch of Love

“The echoes of a dad’s loving touch lingers a lifetime!” Hugs! Pecks! kisses! And a tender gentle touch! Speechless expression of love and affection. … It was exactly 5:35am. There I was seated in the toilet answering nature’s call. In my company was the prerecorded voice of Mr. Muyiwa Afolabi emanating from my wife’s Techno … Continue reading Just a Little Touch of Love

The “Monday” Weekend

It was a Monday. And as usual time had dragged. However, the work day finally came to a close. As I packed my books and laptop into my back-pack there was only one dominant thought on my mind – SLEEP! The fatigue of the studious weekend and the long night stayed with me all through … Continue reading The “Monday” Weekend

A Spare Wife

‘Daddy, where is my mummy?’ Titi asked her dad for the umpteenth time. ‘She is dead, I’ve told you this before’, her dad replied, exasperated and perplexed. ‘Yes, I know she died. But if death took her, there must be a place where he must have kept her?’ Titi tried to assert her point of … Continue reading A Spare Wife

With Love From Asaba: Part 12

Nene went to bed very early that day, but sleep evaded her.  At about 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning, when the whole house was asleep, she went downstairs and searched for Monday’s paper. Her uncle usually kept the newspapers for the entire week in a magazine stand in the sitting room, and only threw them … Continue reading With Love From Asaba: Part 12