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Forbidden Love (episode 2)

If you haven’t read the previous episode of Forbidden Love, click this link episode 1 The next day, when I woke up, I got down from my bed, went on my knees and said my morning prayers. You already guessed what I did next, I reached out for my phone from under my pillow, but I … Continue reading Forbidden Love (episode 2)

Three Mangoes: Part 1

  Mama Risikat set down the large basket of fruits she had been carrying on her head.  The small piece of cloth she had used to cushion the rough base of the raffia basket on her head promptly fell to the ground undeterred.  It began to unravel from the tight cylindrical form into which it … Continue reading Three Mangoes: Part 1



Exams are here, shaking and blowing the weak, students abandon games,television,relationships and sleep, just to get a shot at excellence. Exams are here, students prepare various arsenal, some abandon God for their books, while others draw too close to God, and miss their books, other just stay in between, just for a shot at excellence. … Continue reading Exams