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The Three Mischievous Friends

Emeka, Goodluck, and Femi were the biggest boys in the class, and also held the record of scoring big in failure in examinations. While other students engaged in various forms of preparation for the upcoming promotion examination, the trio went about chewing biscuits and looking for troubles they didn’t keep. They have never been scared … Continue reading The Three Mischievous Friends

The day Jonah became a fish!

“The Lord sent Jonah to Nineveh to the…the lord sent Jonah to the people of….the lord sent…aaargh!” I groaned in frustration. This just wasn’t working. I wasn’t cut out for any kind of reading. If it came to looking cool hanging out with chicks, just looking fly with the guys then I’m your guy any … Continue reading The day Jonah became a fish!

Exam-in-(my N)ation!

Exam-in-(my N)ation!

“OPEN THIS GATE!” a shrill female voice yelled. I stood and stared at the sea of humanity that stretched out before me. We were amassed outside the gates of the Government Secondary School, our center for the University Matriculation Examinations (JAMB, to most Nigerian students) and those in charge of the center had locked the … Continue reading Exam-in-(my N)ation!