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The Defender

Darkness around, silent voices I heard, took me minutes before I could figure out I had to open my eyes and see that the sun was still shining bright in the centre of the sky, I could feel serious pains around my head, I turned sideways and my eyes was directly facing his black dirty … Continue reading The Defender

THE OMEN OF DEATH (Part 2 of 3)

Pa rozay urged her that they go to their parish to see the priest and if possible go for an impromptu confession for the protection of her husband, reminding her that been a young widow in this harsh economy is not a future he wishes for her, he helped her to her feet and walked … Continue reading THE OMEN OF DEATH (Part 2 of 3)

THE OMEN OF DEATH (Part 1 of 3)

Episode 1: Efe was on his way back to Lagos, he had just finished a job at Anambra state for chief Obi, a very wealthy customer who preferred Efe’s expertise to the charlatans in his home town and could afford to bring him all the way from Lagos to Obosi to oversee the wiring of … Continue reading THE OMEN OF DEATH (Part 1 of 3)

A Hatchet, a Pen, and a Locket (Episode 6: The lost ones)

Episode 6: The lost ones All these happened as Mama Arinze watched from a while. Her gazed remained fixed on Chikwado as he angrily walked away. She followed him steadily and quietly and made herself known to him in a quiet and lonely path catching him of guard and knocks him unconscious. Chikwado wakes up … Continue reading A Hatchet, a Pen, and a Locket (Episode 6: The lost ones)

The Infant

http://www.opustjkwrites.com At first when he heard it,he thought he was still dreaming. It was loud,almost as loud as the thunder and rain outside. “Can you hear that..sounds like a baby?”Gloria whispered into his ear. The warmth of her naked  body made the notion of getting out of bed to investigate the noise a very dull … Continue reading The Infant

That Hole

That Hole

That hole inside, Dug by the shovels of the mind… That dark brightness Where the eyes cannot see… That emptiness, yet filled With fears and wilted hopes… That strangling shadow That stays even in the glare of light… It shall remain Until you wake up and see That holes can be filled And shadows wait … Continue reading That Hole