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MANHOOD IN THE MOUTH (a short play)

MANHOOD IN THE MOUTH (a short play)

Moses S. Olarotimi -TALESMEN   ACT 1, SCENE 1   (At the palace, King Gbadegeshin; his wife; Iyalode and his council-chiefs are all seated in deliberation. In walks Dongari; a village warrior with some men and Ifedunni; the village harlot)   Dongari: (breathing heavily) Your Highness we caught her with his manhood in her mouth. … Continue reading MANHOOD IN THE MOUTH (a short play)

The Beauty and The Beast (part 3 of 3)

In a small village surrounded by a light forest, north of Athens was where Zadie appeared. He felt shocked as he found himself in the middle of the forest. He knew not where he was so he kept on walking towards wherever the wind took him. The tree branches were all shaking, insects chirring according … Continue reading The Beauty and The Beast (part 3 of 3)

The Beauty And The Beast (part 1)

It was in the 2nd century AD at the time Emperor Publius Aelius Hadrianus was the emperor of the Roman Empire. A king of a small island under the empire announced to everyone that he was giving out his beautiful daughter to whomever that correctly identified his daughter’s second name and why it was given … Continue reading The Beauty And The Beast (part 1)

Ode To Chinua Achebe

Africa pays tribute to a man Whose works gave African Literature a say. Death visits every man But there are men, time can’t take away. He lived a life of great glory Leaving a legacy of honesty & patriotism For the unborn children with their untold story And for Nigeria in her retrograde rhythm. They … Continue reading Ode To Chinua Achebe