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HAZE 2: The Unveiling

— His words are as smooth as butter, but in his heart is war. (Psalm 55:21) — “I’m throwing you a welcome party!” Kike jumped excitedly into Titi’s bed jostling her awake. Still very sleepy, Titi turned languidly to look at her aunt. “Are you happy?” Kike asked flashing her thirty-two widely. It’s been over a week … Continue reading HAZE 2: The Unveiling

The Wait

THE WAIT I.) Wait for me! Tarry, Mon Diamanté For it’s a long journey- Across jagged rocks of despair- To the oasis of sweats. I am on the roads, At the junction of hearts. I drive in haste But love is a snail. Wait while I come to thee. II.) You must wait- when I … Continue reading The Wait


Time’s a’ wasting Days, hours, minutes and seconds. You sit back and wonder again- ‘How did I let this happen? What on earth has come over me?’ But we both know there’s never one answer. And probably, There just may never be. This past-time is tedious I’m sure you would agree. It absconds with all your … Continue reading C.r.u.s.h.e.s

Spontaneous Effulgence!

Spontaneous Effulgence!

I thank you Lord for this surge of poetry Flooding through my gentle soul, Looking for that outlet to vent itself. Indeed, I indulge my self in its oceanic rendition, The spontaneous overflow of emotions; Recollected in tranquility. Wow! What effulgence! I surrender my being to its leadership, The leadership of those gushing hormones As … Continue reading Spontaneous Effulgence!

Shattered glass. Splattered blood. Piercing screams.

  I ran to my room, where I shut my eyes and covered my ears, to wash away the image, to drown out the sounds, but it was all in vain. Things had seemed fine that morning, we had all eaten breakfast together. Then I had pestered daddy to take me to the beach, he finally gave in and said … Continue reading Shattered glass. Splattered blood. Piercing screams.

How to raise the kind of Men we would like to Marry

How to raise the kind of Men we would like to Marry

  By Ochuko Tonukari Not too long ago, an exciting debate came up in our local church. It was such that we heatedly discussed ways in which parents need to re-examine placing gender stereotypes on their children, specifically boys. There were many eloquent speakers in the church that day but frankly, I was somewhat impressed … Continue reading How to raise the kind of Men we would like to Marry