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Boss Lady – Chapter Four

It was 4:30 pm on Wednesday evening when Rosie arrived at Mr. Adam’s house. He was a close friend of her father who was living in a neighbouring village. Following the cancellation of the free education scheme, Rosie had made up her mind to find alternative ways of paying her school fees. She had decided … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter Four

The Price of Distraction

She strolled past me at first, spraying a very seductive smile. I was irritated; she just obstructed my view of an important pass from the captain of my team. She went into the kitchen, my wife, and served a very appealing meal. If a meal could be seductive, this was one in hot pants and … Continue reading The Price of Distraction

Hospitality Business … (Part 2)

She wondered why she was using that tone of voice. “Ma !” she quickly put on her slippers and hurried downstairs. Halima had returned and was standing behind her seat. She was dressed in a tiny dress and her nails were beautiful as usual. Aunty had a look on her face she had never seen … Continue reading Hospitality Business … (Part 2)

Hospitality Business… (Part 1)

When Uyi left for the city and returned years later in a big black car to build a house for her mother and promise take her brothers back to Europe with her, the whole village was excited. Adesuwa remembered jumping up and down with other children as she watched her Cousin step out of her … Continue reading Hospitality Business… (Part 1)

Some Fortunes

Mrs. Alga was sitting outside her room, picking beans. As she picked, she separated only dirts, chaffs and stones, the other category that would normally have been disqualified by any other average Nigerian, were those beans that had been badly shaped, or with deep hollows, but as she picked, Mrs. Alaga didn’t care about separating … Continue reading Some Fortunes

Vomiting Vile Visions

Vomiting Vile Visions

Fires fly as fire-flies fight away dreams of dark dragons. Mother made me make a Promise. Pray, play, pen poems She said. Surely, silence shall not save A boy bloodied in bed by biting bats. Taking tranquilizers to tame the tiny tyrants I quiver, quietly questioning my quagmire. Crying cannibals creeping from catacombs Come closer … Continue reading Vomiting Vile Visions

Night Out With Stars

  The calm sea breeze caressed our skins as we sat on the sand, our legs drawn in until our heels touched our bums. We sat so close together that from afar in the dark, we were one solid mass.   “You can only run run run pass Terry G when you run mad…”. She … Continue reading Night Out With Stars