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The mysteries of life untold, Is in the barcode of our blood, the DNA, the master craftsman designed it for a purpose, the puzzle of existence, as we are a broken chain, one human, one existence, one source. Begs us, look, seek and find, in question of ourselves, our being, our source, do we have … Continue reading Redemption

With Love From Asaba: Part 13

To everyone who’s been following this series, reading, commenting, critiquing or just waka-passing, thank you.  I appreciate you. :-) Here is Part 13.  Enjoy!   “Richard, I’m talking to you.  Tell me it’s not true,” said Nene, tears filling her eyes.  She had hoped and prayed that it was just a hoax, something she could … Continue reading With Love From Asaba: Part 13

With Love From Asaba: Part 12

Nene went to bed very early that day, but sleep evaded her.  At about 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning, when the whole house was asleep, she went downstairs and searched for Monday’s paper. Her uncle usually kept the newspapers for the entire week in a magazine stand in the sitting room, and only threw them … Continue reading With Love From Asaba: Part 12