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Restore 2

Jade unlocked the door to the house just as the fixed line in her bedroom started ringing. She rushed into the room and picked up the phone on the fifth ring. It was her mum on the line. “Jade dear, how are you today?” “I’m fine mum.” Jade replied warily. She knew where the conversation … Continue reading Restore 2

“For better, for stay; for worse, le walk away.” (2)

I had thought the following months would see a better light. The writing course I applied for while we were dating was finally approved in a mail sent to me one day. Awaiting his arrival in delight that day, I prepared his favourite meal. I was delighted for two reasons, my writing career which I … Continue reading “For better, for stay; for worse, le walk away.” (2)

It’s Complicated (1)

It’s Complicated (1)

“We were and then, we weren’t” I summarized my marriage of twenty-five years in my head. Standing over a body that I am performing an autopsy on, I was aware that I wasn’t…at least my thoughts; were unprofessional. I was trained to be alert to the body…to feel something for the humanity that had departed … Continue reading It’s Complicated (1)