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Chased (or something like that)

Like every other day, I was buried in the deep slumber I finally had the chance to savor, and like every other night, it was predestined to be another short sleep. Needless to say that it was necessary to make the best use of that moment before we were awoken to the new day’s burdens. … Continue reading Chased (or something like that)

Levuz Writes’ Organization – Writesomania! 2016 [writing Contest]

    Hello friends, Levuz Writes’ Organization, Obafemi Awolowo University Chapter is organizing something great again! It’s the Writesomania! Annual Writing Contest. Strictly for Obafemi Awolowo University Students and youths in Osun State. This Year, the topic that you are expected to write on is; “Trials of An Undergraduate”. Spec: 900 – 1,200 words Entry … Continue reading Levuz Writes’ Organization – Writesomania! 2016 [writing Contest]

The Liberator – FINALE

Not bothering to check if Star Lady was still around that vicinity, Gbemi walked into the street, she tried checking briefly but didn’t see the green spacebus in the parking lot. Gbemi wondered what she would have done about it even if she sighted it. She kept walking in the middle of the road, hoping … Continue reading The Liberator – FINALE

The Liberator – Episode 5

Sitting alone with those questions ramming her mind, Gbemi became restless, she stood to visit the ladies, but she feared that her english might not come out urban enough for comprehension by anyone she asked, she decided not to ask anyone then. She almost fell when she stood, obviously, she was not getting accustomed to … Continue reading The Liberator – Episode 5

The Liberator – Episode 4

Gbemi encountered her first disappointment when she got to Esther’s temporary apartment in the village that Friday morning with her luggage for the city heavily packed in a big bag, and met five other ladies there. They were familiar faces and the way they dressed showed that they were also going to the city. What … Continue reading The Liberator – Episode 4

The Liberator – Episode 3

Esther visited the family the next day too, and she attended the Sunday service that followed. Although she had brought a new big bible for Pa Fakunle and a beautiful ankara for his wife, yet, the money she gave to the couple on the evening of her first visit caused a commotion in the house; … Continue reading The Liberator – Episode 3

The Liberator – Episode 2

The miraculous encounter with the older lady changed the lunch and dinner of the old clergyman and his family members that Thursday evening. Gbemi had been sent to collect food stuffs on credit from the family’s usual messiah – Iya Alate. But as fortune would have it, the beautiful girl had encountered blessing. If not … Continue reading The Liberator – Episode 2

The Liberator – Episode 1

Gbemisola was now feeling odd at the way the lady was staring at her. It was not uncommon for people to stare at her in this manner, but the people that did this were men. Virtually all the men that came across her stared lustfully, – but not women – most ladies that stared at … Continue reading The Liberator – Episode 1

And Another Love Story (6)

Last Episode Here There had never been an issue that gripped his heart as much as his current predicament. Even when the robbers had raped his beloved wife right in his presence, he had not felt this much broken. In his life, he had yearned for perfection; Tina came very close to it, but she … Continue reading And Another Love Story (6)

The Afternoon Sacrifice (2 of 2)

Chapter 2 –    WISDOM IN A SMALL HEAD Ayodeji tried to speak with his friend when everyone left him in the sitting room. What happened was that Kunle’s girlfriend Telma, who was an unknown witch caught Kunle cheating on her with her cousin and she decided to bewitch him. She laced a very strong spell … Continue reading The Afternoon Sacrifice (2 of 2)

The Afternoon Sacrifice (1 of 2)

Chapter 1 – A HEAD TOO SMALL Looking at the giant gate of the Akeredolus’- with his head too small to house wisdom and a mouth that was big enough to swallow the world –  Ayodeji could tell that something was not right in the big compound of the gigantic house. The gate was unusually … Continue reading The Afternoon Sacrifice (1 of 2)