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It Gets Lonely

Living within the dictates of this world’s definition of existence. Dying with each attempt to match society’s image of the relevant. Loneliness is, whether in the crowd of 3, or a 100 times that maybe, But most disturbing: strangers in this society are our daily surrounding. A society that keeps claiming it understands we, Denying … Continue reading It Gets Lonely

Delilah’s Laps

Charlie stood resting his back on the mango tree’s bark. He looked frazzled, he looked drained, he was exhausted. He could no longer bear the heat, the smile of the sun was so tormentous! It seemed like the earth had been thrown into hell and its elements were now cooking in the fire, or roasting … Continue reading Delilah’s Laps

Beautiful Colors Of Sin: 2b

From then on each time Bimbo and Cindy went on their rendezvous, Sandra and I just wished them luck and safe return. Sandra became withdrawn after that conversation. I noticed that she was no longer as close to both Bimbo and Cindy as she used to be. She avoided eating with them, using their body … Continue reading Beautiful Colors Of Sin: 2b

A BRIDE TOO SOON (Chapter 1)

“When a foolish person is doing something he is not ashamed of, then it is always a difficult task to call him to order.” An old man began a conversation with his friends this way as they sat under the large Afugwu tree near the centre of the village square over kegs of palm wine. … Continue reading A BRIDE TOO SOON (Chapter 1)

The Legacy of Deceit – CHAPTER THREE

The Legacy of Deceit – CHAPTER THREE

At about 4:am the following day, the king sent for Dimgba and the other chiefs.  He couldn’t sleep that night because he believed Ikeagu’s returning was the ghost of Omenike at work. Dimgba arrived with the other elders, and sat down facing the king who was already sited.  Dimgba knew that he was going to … Continue reading The Legacy of Deceit – CHAPTER THREE

The Intervention Of A Snake

The Intervention Of A Snake

“Gosh!” Jibola let the word out with a long drawl. It sounded more like ‘gash’ with a forced American accent he had picked up from the many disco parties he went to in the city, where speakers blared hip-hop music. “Sorry o, oga,” the commercial motorcyclist who had splattered muddy water on Jibola’s baggy jeans … Continue reading The Intervention Of A Snake