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Not So Long A Letter (the movie)

An interview By Darlington Chukwunyere Chima Igbokwe was keen to talk about his nine year old movie project “Not So Long a Letter”. Not so long a Letter is a movie written, designed and directed by Chima Igbokwe. This “baby” took him a whooping nine years to nurse, and from the look of things, Not … Continue reading Not So Long A Letter (the movie)

Don’t Wear Me a Mask!

Three angels descended, bearing gifts for a modern Nigerian girl named Chinwendu. The angels met a certain girl, a perfect fit for the description, but they couldn’t recognize her face — Chinwendu now goes by Wendy. Dissatisfied, the angels returned with their gifts to the creator. Once again, the creator sent the angels back with rewards … Continue reading Don’t Wear Me a Mask!

Mama You Are the Enemy!

I remember a certain glass verse stuffed with colourful hibiscus ravishing and riveting “don’t touch this vase, I starved to buy it” mama would always warn. But I was just ‘five’ curious, adventurous, dexterous. One day, Mama returned from daily hustles, met the glass vase in fragments. An unintentional booboo. Spurred by ingenious curiosity. It … Continue reading Mama You Are the Enemy!

No, not without Billy!

I woke up, covered in a fog of turquoise-white and maroon-gold. I could remember me and Billy, my crazy pit-bull, were walking a lonely mountain track. The unruffled breezy clouds perched on my skin, I nipped them in my imagination. They felt as nothing I’ve ever touched or tasted, just an epitome of immaculate flamboyance…every fine … Continue reading No, not without Billy!

Neither Here Nor There

What a fiery beauty you have become! My brother, fruit of my father’s loins. Auspicious, Beautiful, Promising. Thence came our crossroads. You chose West I chose home. I dine amala and ewedu I wine fura and nunu, Ugba and palmwine are priceless to me. But you. Yes you! You washed away your colours. You embraced … Continue reading Neither Here Nor There

I Killed Him

I had been married for 15 years, no issue to show for it. I was so frustrated and concerned as I was nearing menopause; but to my amazement, my husband was not so bothered at all. My husband’s family began mounting so much pressure on him to take a second wife, but he refused. This … Continue reading I Killed Him