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Welcome to Lagos: Danfo Palavas (Very Funny)

For those who’ve never been to Lagos, and those who’ve been living in Lagos, but have been ignorant to all its many glories (probably because they live the life of from house to car to office), here are some things you might see in other states, but you can never find them well objectified the … Continue reading Welcome to Lagos: Danfo Palavas (Very Funny)


No matter what anyone said, he just turned a deaf ear to them all When some got tired of begging, they began to hiss out loudly Others simply began to step off the bus While a few still hoped that their appeal would get to him Unfortunately, it didn’t When the driver realised that the … Continue reading LAGOS DANFO VALENTINE (Part 2)

Danfo, Clouds

One Wednesday Evening…

“Praaaaaaaaise the Lord!” the call suddenly rang, quite cheerfully. But that wasn’t what made the eyes of most of the passengers widen… The bus had filled quite quickly that Wednesday evening; everyone was trying to escape the threatening clouds. Trust Wasiu and his conductor – all Dele needed was the signal, and the subsidy on … Continue reading One Wednesday Evening…

One Second Is a Very Long Time

The day started like any other, I woke up, had my prayer and prepared for work. For some reason I couldn’t understand, I was sluggish and headed out to work at 7.35am when I really should have been out at 7.15am. However, I wasn’t bothered because there is nobody who really bothers to check when … Continue reading One Second Is a Very Long Time