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Urban Jungle

“How are you?” Chiugo’s eyes flickered open to the blackness. She must have dozed off while watching Grojband. Today was a public holiday, so Mummy had let her stay up late. Chiugo liked cartoons a lot. “How are you?” Coco was on a talking spree this early and Chiugo wished he would shut up and stop … Continue reading Urban Jungle

The Guest Chapter 10

“Well she does look a bit like her, but u should know, that secretary had a Central African accent, and my Anna does not. So I suggest we drop this conversation right now.” “Ok I will.” Tim rubbed his forehead with the back of his palm. “So let’s see, today is Thursday. See you on … Continue reading The Guest Chapter 10

The Guest Chapter 9

Mark picked up the letter, opened it up, and saw a positive result of a pregnancy test. He pretended not to see it, and held it out to Jenny. Jenny came back to get her piece of paper, as Mark stared at her with an ill adjusted warm smile-while she approached. She saw his expression … Continue reading The Guest Chapter 9


This story “Guilty” was inspired by true twitter events. A young girl has just been killed. All the exhibits and evidence obtained by the Police during investigation pointed to one person – a bitter and disgruntled admirer who could not accept her rejection of his advances. The accused, upon being apprehended, willingly confessed to the crime knowing that he had been caught by the long arms of the Law. But then, a new defense lawyer assigned to him tried to convince him that he had just been set up by the justice system and everything he did, was scripted. At this point, the accused was already offered a plea bargain by the State. Should he accept the plea bargain, plead guilty and get a jail term for manslaughter or refuse the plea bargain and face the death penalty for murder? ‪#‎legalthriller‬ ‪#‎crime‬ ‪#‎suspense‬ ‪#‎fiction‬

Craving Hope (VII)

Ike switched off the computer and rolled his chair back from the desk. He glanced at the clock and realized that the room was almost empty; it was nearing midnight. He had been reading for six hours, and now knew more about the Rosenfeld murder investigation than he had ever dreamed possible. Newspapers articles had … Continue reading Craving Hope (VII)

Craving Hope (VI)

Ike came in from a game of basketball and headed straight for the refrigerator, pulled out a can of beer and downed a long drink. The exercise hadn’t done its job, it hadn’t eradicated his visit to the Rosenfeld house from his mind. It wasn’t his thing to get associated with murder suspects, but then, … Continue reading Craving Hope (VI)

Craving Hope (V)

A middle aged woman with a lively expression answered the door at the Rosenfeld house. “Detective Udeh, New Haven police.” He said, flashing his badge. “Is Mrs. Rosenfeld in?” “She’s in the living room,” the woman said uncertainly. “Please tell her I’m here. I’ll wait.” The woman went in and came out in seconds. “Mrs. … Continue reading Craving Hope (V)

Craving Hope (III)

Gabrielle Rosenfeld was being taken to a holding room as Ubaka and Ike completed the arrest report. Reporters screamed questions from the entrance door, and flashlights went off like fireworks in the dark as she made her way through the information mongers. The station sergeant shut the connecting doors after she had moved on, cutting … Continue reading Craving Hope (III)

Death By Banging: 6

The lanky fair guy stared at Biodun then at Ama. An inquiring look was given to Biodun while a disgusted one was vested on Ama. “Like seriously, if you guys don’t keep your…” the words froze on his lips when his eyes settled on the gun. “Yini le, Bidi? What’s this?” he said finally with … Continue reading Death By Banging: 6

Death By Banging: 4

The first thing that came to Ama’s mind was death. She wasn’t sure why but she actually saw the angel of death beckoning on her. The confusion she had felt when she was thrown to the side by Biodun didn’t match the fear that registered in her mind right then. “I asked a question, Amz!! … Continue reading Death By Banging: 4