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The Pastures Of Scriptures

There is pasture In the scripture Which has the feature of God’s nature And has been endorsed by divine Signature The creature on earth, He did manufacture By the divine art of heavenly sculpture To their structure, he did construct To their future, he did instruct To fashion, they that meditate For their function to … Continue reading The Pastures Of Scriptures

I Am Talented (II)

I Am Talented (II)

Four weeks later, I learnt about a writing competition that would reward the winner with one thousand dollars, yes dollars, and one full year of mentoring. That’s what we’re talking about! I set out to pen a killer short story. After three weeks of sleepless nights and incessant poking on my computer keys, I was … Continue reading I Am Talented (II)

I Am Talented (I)

I woke that morning feeling like a child who had just received a measure of honey on his palm and the honey was already dripping down his fingers. I have a wonderful voice; I do not need anyone to assure me. My friends never tire of letting me know, though. But what I’m truly concerned … Continue reading I Am Talented (I)