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Cheating In Relationships (My View)

It’s funny and crazy how people often find reasons and excuses for doing wrong things, especially cheating on their partners/spouses. This is quite sad and pathetic, and how they tried to sugarcoat it with various reasons to make it morally acceptable. Cheating to me is a result of greediness and selfishness. It’s not funny when … Continue reading Cheating In Relationships (My View)

A Taste On The Side 1

CHAPTER ONE Ebere felt a chill run down her spine as he held her face and pulled her mouth into his. His kiss was hot and desperate as he dug deeper, touring and teasing every corner of her mouth with his tongue. Soon, she could feel the wetness building up gradually between her thighs as … Continue reading A Taste On The Side 1

Hell or High Water Perfect! (I)

11:00PM 25th August 2012.  Olajide’s Apartment   This was just another reason why weddings would ever remain a censured fixture in Jide’s life.  He swore he would never be caught dead in another wedding again. Alex had just called from Abuja where he and Susan, his new bride would be honeymooning for the next one … Continue reading Hell or High Water Perfect! (I)