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Sounds Of Silence

​​Memories of that day rest in the bosom of my heart like a dagger I had gone into your room to help wash, Your little niece who knows nothing of the double-edged sword ones of the man I’ve been with since 6 You came at me and started making advances despite my not wanting to … Continue reading Sounds Of Silence

WHITE TOILET And baby – Stella (Part 2)

WHITE TOILET And baby – Stella (Part 2)

Early morning the next day, some policemen stormed auntie Kate’s house, demanding her presence at the State Criminal Investigation Department. She couldn’t believe her eyes, and never expected them – she would have preplanned before their arrival. But nothing could be done; she asked them innocently; ‘Officers, please can I make a call?’ ‘Madam we … Continue reading WHITE TOILET And baby – Stella (Part 2)

WHITE TOILET – And baby Stella (Part 1)

WHITE TOILET – And baby Stella (Part 1)

‘Oh my God! Auntie Kate is home. What am I to do now’? Stella just broke a ceramics plate before she heard the sound of her aunt’s car approaching the compound. Her heart would always skip whenever auntie Kate was around. And the broken plate was going to rouse her aunt to give her some … Continue reading WHITE TOILET – And baby Stella (Part 1)

my first kiss

My First Kiss (Episode 15)

WHILE SHOLA DROVE, STEVE SEARCHED the internet. First, he had read the details of the crime story, which Shola had mentioned before leaving the office; next, he had opened a link that offered an array of similar cases. Steve had just opened a new tab on the web browser when Shola pulled the car to … Continue reading My First Kiss (Episode 15)

The Police is Indo-Nigerian

India and Nigeria are very much alike in several respects. There is sprawling poverty across the two countries vis-à-vis the wealth of a few. The two countries have a problem controlling their population meaningfully in the face of dilapidated social amenities. In the two countries, there is widespread mistrust in key government agencies, especially the … Continue reading The Police is Indo-Nigerian

Ten Mangoes: A Short Story by Sharon Abimbola Salu

Three Mangoes: A Short Story

Synopsis: A teenage girl hawking mangoes on the streets of Lagos has only one goal: to raise enough money to pay her examination fees. Her short, but colorful journey turns out to be an adventure, and a brief glimpse into the lives of her customers. Of particular note, are the customers who purchase the last three … Continue reading Three Mangoes: A Short Story

Lemon to Lemonade? (The Familiar Series)

Lemon to Lemonade? (The Familiar Series)

When you woke up in the morning to the sound of horns blaring; horns of cars and heavy duty automobiles speeding past with reckless abandon. You just couldn’t help but wonder what the fuss was about, though living not so far from the Oshodi expressway, which led all the way down to the neighbouring Sango-Ota, … Continue reading Lemon to Lemonade? (The Familiar Series)