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The Single Parent

The Single Parent

The alarm on the chest to her bed rang, it was already 5:40 am and so the day’s activity led to begin. She slowly got out of bed and fell to her knee’s to pray. Reluctantly, Neon walked over to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for her kids who would be up in no time. … Continue reading The Single Parent

The Men She Loved (9)

Ada looked at her in shock, and then pain flashed across the features of her best friend. But it was only for a second, before they were contorted into a combination of anger and disgust. “When he leaves you broken, and weeping, don’t call me,” she hissed, as she spun her huge stomach around and … Continue reading The Men She Loved (9)

The Men She Loved (8)

Lola glanced at her phone. Only five minutes had passed since the last time she had checked it. Her neck hurt, her palms felt sweaty and she had a distinct feeling that was doing was wrong. Dayo had told her he would be at hers at 5pm. It was now 5:05 and her anticipation had … Continue reading The Men She Loved (8)

The Men She Loved (7)

The Pomeranians must have sensed their mummy’s tension, because even though the lights were off they refused to settle down and sleep. Tumble, the girl, named so because she had a funny habit of falling over when she tried to run, was currently standing and trying to jump unto the bed where Lola was. Rumble, … Continue reading The Men She Loved (7)

The Men She Loved (6)

It was her cousin’s wedding reception and she sat on one of the 50 tables, seated amongst strangers. Her mind wandered until the girl beside her squealed. “He is here!” The speaker wasn’t talking to her so she turned back to facing nothing in the distance, but she could not help but overhear. “Who is?” … Continue reading The Men She Loved (6)

The Men She Loved (5)

She was with him the day that they arrested him. She would never forget it. They had been watching Die Hard, cross-legged on the floor, holding on to their ben and jerry’s ice-cream. There had been a knock on the door. “Don’t worry; I’ll get it,” Dayo hadn’t acknowledged her statement. He never opened her … Continue reading The Men She Loved (5)

Eva is getting married: Christian’s invitation 2

“Eva, it’s not what you think.” He started to plead looking fearful for her reaction. “Really?” was all Eva could manage. Christian grabbed her arm and pulled her into the apartment before she could entertain the notion of running away. “I need your help.” He shut the door quickly still holding her. “My help?” Eva … Continue reading Eva is getting married: Christian’s invitation 2