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Our Ordeal In Sambisa Forest

It was one of those cold nights; we were like walking blankets as we retired to the dormitory. Obviously, we longed for our various beds, to get lost in its warm embrace. Our pace depicted anxiety, but the terrific noises stopped us suddenly. It kept us away; making us linger in the cold longer than … Continue reading Our Ordeal In Sambisa Forest

The Flowers and the Charlatans

The moment was quite unripe Without thought, pregnant with strife Witnessed was horror as we began to wipe Tears off the face of such a sour tragedy of life They were for the Chibok maidens Over five hundred days ago They had their destinies embezzled By psychopaths and idiotic nonentities They had a nation bedazzled … Continue reading The Flowers and the Charlatans


THERE IS GOD Oooooooo!

BOKO HARAM Birthed in the 21st century, A name to be reckoned with forcefully, Even babies in the womb knows that you exist, And when they step into this part of the world, They are been prayed for “May you not be a victim of Boko-haram And everyone says “Amen”. Both young and old never … Continue reading THERE IS GOD Oooooooo!