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Every Man Has a Price.

Michael ran his fingers through his foaming beards as if he was doing a head-count for his hairs. The spray tube sprinkled waves of gentle bubbles of warm water at his face… and indeed, the warm bath suited his mood and was exactly all he needed to seal his long day. His wife’s birthday was … Continue reading Every Man Has a Price.

Cheating In Relationships (My View)

It’s funny and crazy how people often find reasons and excuses for doing wrong things, especially cheating on their partners/spouses. This is quite sad and pathetic, and how they tried to sugarcoat it with various reasons to make it morally acceptable. Cheating to me is a result of greediness and selfishness. It’s not funny when … Continue reading Cheating In Relationships (My View)

“Periphery” by Iraku Haso (From The Unagi Creative)

He saw her and his heart stopped. In that split second nothing and no one else existed. He was totally attracted to her with no reservations and it would appear, from the look in her eyes that she felt the same way. Time resumed and she walked on. His wife turned around just then from the … Continue reading “Periphery” by Iraku Haso (From The Unagi Creative)

“Her Man Palava”- 9a

  “Where  is that dick head,time wasting  son of bitch?. Ha ha there you are?” Karis was saying as if intoxicated, gesticulating wildly. “Holier than thou Leroy”. Karis continued . “When I get to heaven I’ll have to ask the angels to play your sex scenes for me. What do you think?”. She winked at  him, laughing … Continue reading “Her Man Palava”- 9a

The Faithful Boyfriend 1/2

She had her red blouse on and the blue jeans she told me she bought a month ago.  There was also a blue jacket on and from where I was standing watching her; I didn’t think I’d seen it before. Let me just quickly say this before I continue; knowing and getting familiar with my … Continue reading The Faithful Boyfriend 1/2

”An Endemic Of Cheating Husbands Part 2”

Zee was staring at her laptop screen; tears were running down her cheeks. Ali ‘’ are you still there.’’ Zee’’ I was thinking about my life.’’ Ali   ‘’ don’t think too much you will become depressed.’’ Zee’’ I asked Faruk about   his area of specialization; ‘’He was surprised’ ’he told me Ob gyn’’ He looked … Continue reading ”An Endemic Of Cheating Husbands Part 2”

It’s Complicated (1)

It’s Complicated (1)

“We were and then, we weren’t” I summarized my marriage of twenty-five years in my head. Standing over a body that I am performing an autopsy on, I was aware that I wasn’t…at least my thoughts; were unprofessional. I was trained to be alert to the body…to feel something for the humanity that had departed … Continue reading It’s Complicated (1)