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My Scariest Moment In The University

The university, (as we have established with different posts and stories) will hold so many memories for everyone. Different folks will have different tales and different experiences. There will be some fun (and not so fun) exhilarating, mind-blowing, thrilling, inspiring, and scary moments and memories. As I ponder on this topic and reminisce on my … Continue reading My Scariest Moment In The University

BellaDona – Part 3

Note before reading: It gets more racy as you keep reading.    “Yep?” “Open the door,” said Ifeyinwa. “And the magic word is?” replied Somto. “Now!” “I mean it,” said Somto. “Say please!” “Maybe if I call Cassandra you’ll open it right?” Somto smiled, shaking his head, and then he unlocked the door. “Get in,” … Continue reading BellaDona – Part 3