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Keep Buhari On His Toes: By Agbaje H. Ayomide

  As far as constitution allows me, I will try to ensure that there is a responsible and accountable governance at all levels of government in the country. For I will not have kept my own trust with Nigerians if I allow my others to abuse them under my watch — Muhammadu Buhari (Grand Commander … Continue reading Keep Buhari On His Toes: By Agbaje H. Ayomide

Nigerians at times… by SIR A-ONE

Nigerians at times… by SIR A-ONE

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They always claim to be the best in all. Those who cannot do half of what you’re doing will always talk trash about you.

1. People were always abusing our former 1st Lady (Dame P. Jonathan) of bad grammatical constructions before she left office.
They always abused/dissed her.
Wait a minute. You want to eat ‘grammar’?
Try and get to her level first before you talk trash.

2. Buhari is disgracing us here and outside the shores of Africa.
You’re so good in English, why didn’t you contest with him, Mr./Mrs. Oxford?

3. GoodLuck Jonathan is a weakling.
You are not psychologically okay to me. You should have been his P.A to always advise him on what to do when he was in office Mr. World’s Strongest.

4. The kitchen belongs to the 1st Lady.
Why are you angry at this? Do you expect an illiterate to drop lines like a Professor? Leave President alone. A Professor is the Vice President to an illiterate President. That is ‘power’ for you.
These same individuals killed, maimed and abused others in order for PMB to be the President of Nigeria. I thought they were aware that he was not even having a WAEC certificate before they voted him.
Confused citizens. They don’t know what they want.

5. Things are hard.
When he (Buhari) came through HARD way. He won his elections in a hard way and you expect things to be easy with Nigerians? You need a Doctor.


GOODNEWS Andrew Eruemuare also known as SIR A-ONE is a humorist, pengician, researcher and rapper. The CEO of www.pengicain.com a controversial icon anytime, any day.

A Country of Cannibals

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