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Never To Return

Never To Return

Okenwa lifted his head from the book spread on his laps and turned to the direction of the approaching feet whose sound broke his concentration. For the umpteenth time, he marveled at the craftsmanship of the designer of the universe, gazing upon Daberechi’s curvilinear body accentuated by the deep cut, body fitting mini-gown she was … Continue reading Never To Return

If I Do No Good Today

When I lay me down to sleep Those sleep so profound and deep When my eyes are shut for life And I, done with earthly strife Will men tarry to merry With faces spelling teary? When my relatives and friends My accomplishments and deeds will start with me a journey The last, making the journey … Continue reading If I Do No Good Today

Into These Eyes

Into these eyes Many have fallen Whenever the face rises Like the sun in the morning Never to play, no, never to slay But to accentuate what the lips say. On these lips Many stares have lingered Many have stolen more than a glimpse At it their hooded eyes stared Never to drop, no, never … Continue reading Into These Eyes

Night Out With Stars

  The calm sea breeze caressed our skins as we sat on the sand, our legs drawn in until our heels touched our bums. We sat so close together that from afar in the dark, we were one solid mass.   “You can only run run run pass Terry G when you run mad…”. She … Continue reading Night Out With Stars