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Memoirs of A Repentant Slut. . . . 2

. . . And there I stood, it wasn’t a dream. It was me staring into the bulging faces of Mama Seun and the beautiful ‘gbeboruns’ of No. 5 pretentiously referred to as neighbours. Staring at each other, we were both lost for words for few minutes. The meeting was so awkward and it was … Continue reading Memoirs of A Repentant Slut. . . . 2

Craving Hope (XIII)

Obiekwe was already waiting for them at Amobi’s office. He rose and shook hands with Ike and Gabrielle. “Mrs. Rosenfeld. Congratulations on your recent good fortune. The prosecuting attorney has given me a copy of Regina Agu’s full confession since I would now handling the case.” “Thank you, Mr. Obiekwe, I am glad you have … Continue reading Craving Hope (XIII)