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Boss Lady – Chapter Three

Rosie sped past passers-by on the dusty village road that led to the Anglican Girls Grammar School (A.G.G.S) compound. The result of the entrance examination into the secondary school had just been pasted and she couldn’t wait to see if she had been offered a spot. A.G.G.S was one of the few reputable schools in … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter Three


Boss Lady – Chapter Two

Dear Hilton, Trust you are doing fine, I am writing this letter to inform you of the recent developments around here. Father has asked me to get married to Mr. Chife and has refused to pay my school fees because he does not believe in the education of a female child. This makes me very … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter Two

The Fair Lady With A Curse

…As I watched the naked lady’s bosom I wondered what must be going through her mind. What will become of her BMW X6 2012 model packed in front of the Boutique? Maybe she was set-up? What will be her fate? Maybe she is cursed? Does she have a man, boyfriend or even a husband?… I … Continue reading The Fair Lady With A Curse