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No, not without Billy!

I woke up, covered in a fog of turquoise-white and maroon-gold. I could remember me and Billy, my crazy pit-bull, were walking a lonely mountain track. The unruffled breezy clouds perched on my skin, I nipped them in my imagination. They felt as nothing I’ve ever touched or tasted, just an epitome of immaculate flamboyance…every fine … Continue reading No, not without Billy!

I Killed Him

I had been married for 15 years, no issue to show for it. I was so frustrated and concerned as I was nearing menopause; but to my amazement, my husband was not so bothered at all. My husband’s family began mounting so much pressure on him to take a second wife, but he refused. This … Continue reading I Killed Him

Eru ti Ife – Ashes of Love 2

The first wad of spit landed on her left foot. Eru hissed and quickly washed it off with the remnants of the soapy water. She took a deep breath and tried to recall Remi’s instructions. Sucking in her stomach, she puffed out her chest like a peacock, swirled her tongue round the innards of her … Continue reading Eru ti Ife – Ashes of Love 2

Caricature Of A Lonely Heart: 6

The students of junior class Two A gathered in front of the music room after they had received summon from their social studies student-teacher, Tonia. “Will you people keep quiet or do you want me to use the cane on you?” said a teacher that was teaching in a class next to the music room. … Continue reading Caricature Of A Lonely Heart: 6

Indigenous and Traditional Adaptations in Contemporary African Fiction

African fiction is the socio-political, historical and cultural documentation of the experiences of the African people; it reflects and refracts the goings-on in the society, as it is functional and committed to the course of liberation from the shackles of neo-colonialism. African writers cannot be separated from these realities and thus, they use the whole … Continue reading Indigenous and Traditional Adaptations in Contemporary African Fiction

When Evil Walks: 1

It was five o’clock in the Morning and the cocks were still not fully up. She was cold but she knew she had no choice but to be in that weather or else she would not get to where she was going early enough. To her, Ogun state was a far, far away place and … Continue reading When Evil Walks: 1