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Final Destination.

Humans on earth wish for a thousand and one things – fast cars, wealth, money, fame, the Forbes list to mention a few – and if wishes were horses, we would be riding high on chariots. However, there is only one thing every human on the face of this earth would never wish for. Accidents. … Continue reading Final Destination.


Episode Three *** It was 7:45 p.m and the massive church auditorium was already packed to capacity. Large crowds had occupied the whole church area. Buses loaded with miracle seekers turned in their numbers into the venue. Traffic gridlocks had no end as the only access road was on a lock down. One could hear … Continue reading THE MIRACLE PEDDLER [Episode III]

Review of A Miracle for Daddy by Innoalifa

Sunny Obande’s A Miracle for Daddy: Simple but not Simplistic                                                    By                                  Inalegwu Omapada Alifa Beyond the lucidity of Sunny Obande’s A Miracle for Daddy, this novella presents an average Idoma Nigerian family living in Kaduna. The unfolding of the fictional narrative brings to bear the Christian belief in Miracles. Essentially, the miraculous healing … Continue reading Review of A Miracle for Daddy by Innoalifa

One Second Is a Very Long Time

The day started like any other, I woke up, had my prayer and prepared for work. For some reason I couldn’t understand, I was sluggish and headed out to work at 7.35am when I really should have been out at 7.15am. However, I wasn’t bothered because there is nobody who really bothers to check when … Continue reading One Second Is a Very Long Time