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Sense Of Fury [18+]!

  Beneath the picture she just zoomed, three hyperlinks came into full display. ‘UNB3LIVABL3! Husband caught in the act smashing two hot UNIDAK chicks! Click below to see the video. Watch what Titilayo was caught doing to this Lecturer SHAME! See this motorcyclist in Uyo using his rod on two secondary school girls.’ Margaret’s eyes … Continue reading Sense Of Fury [18+]!

Spoils of War (18+) – E03 (The End)

Read up E01 here Read up E02 here The memories of last night were still hazy. Ms. Jane still couldn’t think clearly. In fragments, images of Bane ramming her flickered through her mind. For each image she saw her heart skipped a beat: the guilt of having Hugo besides her caused that. “Are you alright?” … Continue reading Spoils of War (18+) – E03 (The End)

Spoils of War (18+) – E02

Spoils of War (18+) – E02

I cannot bring myself to cheat on him. Each time Jane turned and saw Bane in the driver’s seat her heart jumped with guilt and pleasure. Thoughts of how she had betrayed Hugo’s trust and her sanctity to remain chaste for the man she truly loved and wanted to spend forever with, made matters worse. … Continue reading Spoils of War (18+) – E02