Emeka Oji-Dike

Emeka Oji-Dike

  • Don’t know which way to take
    Don’t also want to be fake
    Should I settle for my life
    Or should I choose my life

    Amidst the storms of life
    I find peace in my inner-self
    Can’t figure out which way to go
    I […]

  • She gives me sweet pains
    She makes me cry for joy
    She makes me laugh painfully
    She’s the girl between my feelings

    She’s a rose hidden in a forest
    Whose beauty and fragrance wastes
    Like the Sun’s rays […]

  • Her face, smooth as a mirror,
    Clear like a cloudless sky,
    Calm like an undisturbed pool
    Reflects a beauty unrivalled

    Smiles were her adorning spice
    From her pinkish-red lips it flowed
    Succulent like […]

  • Time pilfers our Youth
    Prime initiates a Truth
    Pride comes as a Brute
    Wine uncovers our Roots
    Brine is harsh on a Tooth
    Crime cripples our Foot
    Bride is just a Loot
    Lime is also a fruit

  • As he knelt before the Altar
    Feeling like Judas Iscariot
    His thoughts wandering…
    His mind pondering…
    His head wondering…

    Immersed in reminiscences
    It came like vivid pictures
    Showing on a Cinema […]

  • Afolabi, Thanks for your commendation. I appreciate you a lot and I hope to do more. With your support, I can do better .

  • To the songs of the birds
    To the swooshing of the wind
    To the eerie cricket call at night
    Listen !!!

    When you wake up in the morning
    To the silence of your heart
    To your conscience before you act
    Listen […]

  • A son of the repudiated brother
    Was given the mantle of leadership
    He tried to pacify his brothers
    But that, cost him his life

    Fourty-five years later
    A Descendant of the repudiated
    Became saddled with the […]

  • Thanks a lot Femimicky, with your support, I’ll definitely do more.

  • They won’t tell you
    About the gory images of gruesome murders
    Of the streams of our blood on their streets
    No ! They won’t tell you

    About the pregnant women
    Whose bellies were slit open
    With their innocent […]

  • I pay that u may b beautiful
    I pay that u may be pleasured
    I suck and kiss your sensient parts
    You lay back and take the pleasure

    I gain not milk from your bosom
    I gain not treasure from my pleasure
    I keep […]

  • There’s a thin line between
    “Life and Death”
    “Success and Failure”
    “Beginning and Ending”
    “Health and Sickness”
    “Wealth and Poverty”
    “Good and Evil”
    “Justice and Injustice”

    Your Central Bank could […]

  • The golden rays so generously given
    Promising a day full of hope and love
    When you hide behind tall buildings
    The world around me looks gloomy

    The clouds criss-cross your surface
    Trying to shade your rays […]


    I am but a seed
    Of the great Iroko
    Which stood tall
    Amongst it’s Peers.

    The Iroko whose branches
    Were the resting place
    Of tired and lost birds
    Sheltering the tired Pilgrims

    It’s […]

  • You try to answer for him
    He feeds your purse in turn
    You rob him of his brain
    Because of your Philosophy

    He pays you to be ignorant
    You fan his embers of ignominy
    Because you need bread
    You drink the tea […]

  • She was my dream girl
    The one I fantasized about
    But, hard as I may try
    She never gave me the chance

    I loved her like my Mum
    I wanted her like Riches
    I needed her like food
    But she was always […]

  • Emeka Oji-Dike wrote a new post, Rejected 3 years ago

    How can he be accepted again
    Ever since he lost his love
    They’ve always rejected him
    Even though he means well.

    All they want is their happiness
    They never care how he feels
    Even though he tries to please […]

  • Emeka Oji-Dike commented on the post, Pseudo Lovers 3 years ago

    Yea, thanks for reading through.

  • Emeka Oji-Dike commented on the post, Pseudo Lovers 3 years ago

    Thanks bro.

  • Beware of Pseudo-Lovers !!!
    They appear very flashy,
    Clourful like Butterflies
    But only perch for nectar

    They give you hopeless hopes
    Politely, they insult you
    Subtley, they control you
    They are shadows […]

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