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    @ufuomaotebele I love this format I could almost envision Pelumi’s face talking to us. Hmm if I were a man and my wife rejected a raise and promotion we would fight, so now theres less money coming home because […]

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    @ooluss again my dear you speak out on what I wont say myself, we have the same mind lol. We have all judged women who went to get pregnant by other men to come and pass off as thier husbands child but now we see […]

  • ivie9ja commented on the post, Eighteenth Birthday 5 years ago

    @thaprince is right with his corrections. Good story but they could have bought him a present na? ah ? lol Birthday punishment. 18 with 5 demands lol In my fathers house you have no rights to make certain requests […]

  • ivie9ja commented on the post, Without Shame… 5 years ago

    @ooluss I swear I think we have the same mind. We suffer in this life but if you ask some men all we do is shop, wear pancake and buy new shoes lol. I too have had some similar thoughs in my life, but shame would […]

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    I’m final catching up @Roy-journals Youve done great so far still love the series, I saw that the finale is already out.

  • ivie9ja commented on the post, I love books. 5 years ago

    I love to read books, ebook, magazines even sign boards lol I just love it Im truly addicted and can even read the same title 3 times over

  • This was so accurate for me, and that was how my husband learned to cook lol nice one…

  • ivie9ja commented on the post, Friday The 13th (1) 5 years ago

    Following… this piece is on point

  • ivie9ja commented on the post, The life of the party 5 years ago

    Beautiful, roses growing through the concrete…

  • ivie9ja commented on the post, 'MaaMaa' 5 years ago

    The moral of story touched me ” Be patient in Affliction” but I got confused when the tale switched to being about Ndidi. There is too much ibo dialogue for those who dont speak the language. It can make the […]

  • ivie9ja commented on the post, For Green 5 years ago

    This is really really good, I didnt even notice the tense errors. this tale is crazy wow though I did wish there was another part, you did end it well I’m just being greedy lol. I even went back to read it again […]

  • ivie9ja commented on the post, Once Upon A Letter (5) 5 years ago

    Agbadi is a fool seriously lol promising the entire village things. If Chokodi was actually even coming he should just turn back and stay in Germany lol

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    This reminds me of those guys who con girls out of thier virginity. This type of language in our opinion in highschool only worked on the girls with low self esteem @olaniyiolayemi your chacter in this tale is a […]

  • ivie9ja commented on the post, Blunt Edges! 5 years ago

    I love this piece I am visualizing everything youre portraying.
    @easylife32 very true. I feel if the rich helped EVERYONE they may very well end up poor as well, I’ve seen it before. We make it a habit to […]

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    Hmm see adoration at it best, lol. The feeling is like none other. I can see into the heart of this narrarator. To say he is in love is an understatement.

  • Whenever you write a piece try to look over it as much as you can. Since I believe none of us are professional editors we will all make mistakes but this piece is riddled with errors and it makes it hard to read. […]

  • sweet highschool tale…

  • LOLOLOL… Sounds painful and I can imagine it would feel worse if I had Mr Ogbiagbon aka Prof irritating me with his Dictionary vocabulary. :’-D Him calling for help was the funniest part. The title though […]

  • @acmesuccess007 I’m finally back to reading on NS, Love it though I’m in the choir myself I do not take offense lol. I’m there to sing unto the Lord Thank God I’m no sister blessing lol

  • ivie9ja commented on the post, The Cult 5 years ago

    Ok I like it BUT I cant tell if your narrator is a victim of the Cults bad behaviours or if hes in a rival Cult… Just try to relay that to us better.

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