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  • I was led into the house (well it was more of a mansion) by a huge man. He isn’t that huge or maybe he is, considering my height he looks like a giant to me. But to some like Mo Abudu or Kate Henshaw, he’ll be a […]

  • © 2019 BY OCHIDI GRACE

    All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or used in any manner without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book […]

  • Thirty-something years ago.

    “Ibiye!” my mum yelled from the living room.

    “What?” boomed my dad from the kitchen.

    “Be fast with the watermelon na I’m hungry!” yelled my mum, ignoring his boom.

    “I’m […]

  • Acknowledgments
    I thank God for giving me the Grace and Favor in completing and writing this book. Also, to my parents; Mr. and Mrs. Ochidi and my siblings. And of course my readers.
    Thank you all.
    © 2018 BY […]

  • A few hours to her wedding, Boma gets arrested along with her crazy best friend Jojo. But then Jojo’s mum comes to the rescue, the problem is she also is crazy.

    Wanna know how the night will end for Boma on her […]

  • Excerpts on BECKY ( 3rd book on the imperfectly perfect book series

    Anyway, with that by the side, I walked into the living room.
    “Becky, what’s up? Aren’t you supposed to be at the headquarters with the […]

    So yesterday was an amazing day for me. I slept, ate, slept and ate again (lol). You’re probably wondering why I have so much free time in my hand to eat and t […]

  • Excerpts from “The Rebel”.

    1:00 pm after the meeting.
    The men were done with their meeting. Right now, they’re all gathered in the room where Ada and Becky were kept. It’s a medium-sized room, equipped wit […]

    I stood statue still as I stared at Kingsley, his hands still on my shoulders, my heart beating ten times its normal speed, and I think I was about to hyperventilate because Kingsley said in a soothing […]


    Episode 5
    3 days later.
    I was cleaning the kitchen humming to myself, “He’s intentional” by Travis green.
    Trying my best to forget the picture I saw in the small, […]

  • .

    4:00 pm.


    I was in a house, somewhere in the slums in Lagos state and the house was filthy, even a mad mans house is cleaner than this. My butt was on the floor, my mouth covered with a masking tape, […]

  • Episode 1.


    2 years and a few months back, somewhere in Abia state Nigeria.
    I was in a restaurant with my two very good friends, Chichi and Chioma, we were out to just gist and have fun. I’m a 22 year ol […]

  • Episode 27

    I squeezed my face in disgust at the taste of the foul drink Becky just gave me, how do people drink this anyway? It’s awful, but I won’t lie its actually helping my nerves, I’m calmer than […]

  • Thanks for the vote and comment @Becky candace , if you want to read other episodes please go to my blog: grace2comblog.wordpress.com. There you will see the other episodes. Thanks again.

  • Hi. go to my blog page, every episode is there including the new episode. my blog is grace2comblog.wordpress.com

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  • Fola episode 15
    On our way home,I was held close, so close to Michael’s body in the car. Our bodies almost becoming one. My head resting on his right shoulder, my right arm draped across his chest. While h […]

    Seeing Fola running to the elevator almost gave me a heart attack, I have never felt such fear in my life before. I thought she had finally realized that I am not good for her. All […]

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