• I have always known victor to be a bad boy. Mama had always told me to avoid him and said “bad association spoils useful habit”. But I came to trust Victor right from the day he saved me from the opened claws of […]

  • Flavor nabania will do better with these lyrics .

  • First of all i don’t know what genre this could be called. It sounds like a body of an informal letter chopped out for reference, however it’s a good read without the many grammatical errors ranging from concord […]

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    what is this? A poem or an intended nursery rhyme? I don’t know why admin should approve this kind of think. If you don’t like my comment change your ways and stop writing this kind of thing.

  • this looks exactly like one of my poems! I love the images created of eagle preying on nothing and of a madman going nowhere. Good one. i cant criticize this effectively because it looks like how i write.

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  • Whenever Peter and his wife pass
    We people on the street admired them.
    They were typical of ideal marriage case;
    Happy and glamorous all the time.We were at the […]

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    i like the way it started like a motivational write-up. then in the middle of the story was looking for the “Natural gift” but couldnt see. though the story is non-fiction, i believe every story should be graphic. […]

  • wow! I’ve learnt this scope : ‘ Are you afraid I’ll make you fall in love’.

  • Uche remembered bitterly that he would have bought a condom that evening, but didn’t just because he was shy. When he walked into the scanty pharmacy shop he was jittery. He scanned the faces of the people in the […]

  • na wow! some people can try with imagination. the story kidnapped me to another world!

  • lovely story! it brings back to life my childhood experience, growing up back then in Ngwa Road Aba. the story is engaging. but i noted some grammatical errors in:
    “Always, they were driven by glutton.” glutton […]

  • hmmm… too many confusion! i cant say if this is a short story or drama. it cant actually be drama with the narrator using past tenses. though there are toom many tense confusions, moving from past to present and […]

  • i like this in a special way! this is because African have seen too much suffering and have forgotten to admire nature. so when i see a poem by an African on the natural environment i get enchanted. what engaged […]

  • I was wondering if the “highness” played any role in the story. so could say the title was a bit deceptive, derailing us from the predominant theme of “infidelity” and being a “brother’s keeper”.

  • wow! very graphic! only the characters ain’t got names. i enjoy the use of the American English here. some typos though:
    “…blow its’ top off.” – its’ – whats the apostrophe doing there?
    “…his friend whom w […]

  • sounds like a eulogy or an ironic eulogy; say a kind of travesty because it is a ironic praise. However there are too many “concord errors” and other grammatical that can not be called mistakes because of their […]

  • i love dialogues because they are very easy to read.

  • hmmm… that’s engaging. now i will have to read again for criticism

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