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    Toronto – January 2016
    Her new  team was a team of four. They all seemed nice, if a little chatty at times. This was her 2nd month with t […]

  • Toronto – December 2015
    Dolapo stood in front of the mirror in the beauty store critically assessing the sample short fringe  wig she was trying on.
    “That looks good on you.” the store assistant next to her […]

  • Toronto – November, 2015
    “Hi Stacy” Dolapo greeted as she picked her call.
    “Hello Dolapo” Stacy’s pronunciation of her name sounded like Dolapoe instead of Dolakpor. ” My team & I have enjoyed getting to know y […]

  • Toronto, November 2015
    “Your resume tells me that until a month ago, you lived in Nigeria. Is that correct?” Stacy, my interviewer asked with a curious expression on her face.
    “That is correct.” Dolapo respond […]

  • Toronto – November 2015
    Dolapo’s taxi sped along the streets of Toronto and she watched as the city passed by from her back seat  window view. It was a cold November day and the sun had taken the day off. At […]


    My class was not a big one, maybe about forty five pupils. But then, my school was not as big as Ijegbe Nursery & Primary School next door. The wooden desk and bench I shared with Bose my seatmate was in t […]

  • Have you ever wondered what the color of hope is?
    I heard it said once that
    Hope gives life and life is in seasons
    So, I wondered
    What is the color of hope in seasons?
    In Autumn I think, maybe it’s O […]

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    Hi! @ezeagwu. It’s Miz Asa here :). Thanks for reading.

    The comment about hating donut was more sarcastic. When Temi countered that Funmi actually loves donuts, she agreed by saying ‘exactly’. This was really […]

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    @namdi. Hi! Thanks. The idea was for the ‘gift’ to be left open for interpretation by readers. The general concept though is that the gift is something that completely scares her but also alludes that it might […]

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    John stood, watching Temi from across the room as he clutched his lunch bag. He thought to himself, “I’m gonna talk to her today”. He’d been watching, wanting, waiting, for a long time.

    “Hi Temi!” He […]

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  • Did you know that the eyes can speak so loud?

    They shout their unspoken questions clear across the room
    “Why do you hate me so much?”
    “Why are you angry with me?”
    “What did I do wrong?”
    Mine silently […]

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