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    I wonder how people like @lordjosh, @theo and @tai are able to keep series running for dozens of installments. Do you think of everything up front and fill in the details, or do you make it up as you go along?

    • A little bit of both I guess. With Demons on Church Street, I knew where the story was going. I knew who the killer was, and the roles of all characters, other things I figured as I went along, The Story unfolds to you as the writer as you go along. For example, until a minute before I typed that line, I didn’t know the killer was the same guy that killed the governor’s wife (I hope u read the story and get what I’m saying. ) And I didn’t start out to make Faruk a suspect, it just happened.
      In short, have the idea, have the destination, have an Idea of important things and the story will unfold.

      • But what if, midway into your work, you realise that there is a better destination than the one you’ve chosen? You cannot easily change your story, because there are many characters and story line that depend on the original destination.

        • If you’ve streamlined yourself with the initial story line, then there’s nothing you can do. Usually it’s little things that change. The first one I wrote; Nicholas, had some story errors because it ended at a different destination. It’s better to think well before picking a destination.

    • I work on the complete storyline even before I begin writing. I create synopsis of each episode or chapter… this way I don’t get lost or derail somewhere along the line. But still I might change something. But initial plot and synopsis are always my guide.

      • Thanks, @theo. Have you ever been challenged to start a story without knowing how it’s going to end? That would definitely be a way of testing your creative chops.

    • Well, I just write out the plots and characters and the episodes. Then I start developing and adding flesh. Sometimes my characters helps me with where the story goes. Writing a synopsis also helps.

    • honestly I have to applaud y’all for being able to keep it up, its not easy

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