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” A conversation with mama Ubele” #Minority Contest

As i dragged my luggage into the belly of the empty room, I began to envisage life in a midst of deep green bush, cluttered sounds from disembodied creatures and interaction with these scarce souls. “Good morning sir, welcome to our house ooo. We don dey pray for neighbours to pack come this “domot” since.” … Continue reading ” A conversation with mama Ubele” #Minority Contest


Aboh, Delta State. “Omeni-ke okere jini mgbube gbu ose”. Odjowei grinned , remembering the proverb at last. That was how the elders would describe the Ndiom-Atuya troupe, as they sat cross-legged at the edge of the Aboh market square, beside his grandfathers mud-tatched brick palace, adorning their old rafia girdles with glistening beads, in preparation … Continue reading ABANDY CHRISTIANA, Aboh Delta State

A School For Women Who Will be Good Wives

  Anwangabasi could not wait to show her new self to the whole world. Her hands and legs which were decorated with golden Ekpa ku kwa gears, her waist-length braids which were covered with over-the-top hair pins, and her colourful Ofong Ukod Anwang knee-length gown which accentuated her new round waist-line, were just the physical … Continue reading A School For Women Who Will be Good Wives

Red Ochre

Igeda, Benue State, Nigeria. Beads swayed with her paw-paw shaped hips as she walked down the forest path. Newly painted spirals of Ochre paint made Akum’s coal skin glisten red.  Striding quickly, she rounded the bend to the stream. Green leaves littered the path with colours only Ohe, the creator, could paint. She slowed down where … Continue reading Red Ochre

A Twenty Naira Goodbye

Ikulu. Kaduna State. Dinner at home is uneventful. We eat in the quad, under the sky, in silence. We fill our bellies, say goodnight and go to sleep – simple, no rituals. I wash the plates, and then lie in the quad for a while before I go to sleep too. Tonight, however, the silence … Continue reading A Twenty Naira Goodbye