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The Ant Queen

My mother always warned me against whistling at night.”I pray you don’t attract evil with that your smelling mouth,” she said one night as she broke melon seeds for dinner.I’ve never believed in myths, but I found her tales funny.”Why mother?” “I’ve told you times without number,” she pushed the white, plastic chair she sat … Continue reading The Ant Queen

After School – What Are You Remembered For?

After School – What Are You Remembered For?

I was on my secondary school Facebook group some days ago, after I had commented on a picture, the guy that commented after me said “ha!!! Na this boy wey dey always speak big big oyinbo be this”. I laughed after reading the comment. I looked at his profile picture hoping I would be able … Continue reading After School – What Are You Remembered For?

Heaven Is A Mind State

‘Heaven is a mind state, I have been there a couple of times’ Jide mumbled under his breath. “Stay with me bro!” I looked into the rare mirror; he is sprawled on the back sit counting imaginary stars. “If you are seeing Jesus at the moment bro, tell him not to open the gates of heaven yet,” I laughed at my own joke. Jide on the other hand is too busy with Visiting … Continue reading Heaven Is A Mind State