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Two Zero Tango – Alaba Okuyiga

‘Oakland Tower, Two Zero Tango at Runway 11, ready for take off’ ‘Two Zero Tango, please hold and you are number five for take off behind the Go Places Fokker 28’ ‘Roger Oakland, number five for take off and I have the little Fokker in sight!’ ‘Ha ha, nice one skipper. Tower can’t bust you for … Continue reading Two Zero Tango – Alaba Okuyiga


Seeded dreams in the cornrows of her hair, sprout in the moonlight of the bed where Ala* lay dead. Global warming between her legs. We’d torn the compass from her head, got lost in the thickness of her braids and gave her a perm. Built crude castles with the tar sands of her years, sandbanks … Continue reading Ala

An Endemic Of Cheating Husbands – Part 1

Zee was sitting down on a brown cushion in her living room. She was staring at her face book page on the screen of her two year old HP 630 black laptop. Date April 5th 2013. Her time line looked barren. No update for the past one year. She used to be happy in her … Continue reading An Endemic Of Cheating Husbands – Part 1

Nicole Bassey

Nicole Bassey

She came in a duffel coat To the mill of words Bearing a beautiful heart On a beautiful day, nay a Beauty to behold. The soul, a plethora of Riches like that ancient Queen of Sheba The riches, a pool of artistry And aesthetic splendour, ganished With the capacity to forge classics Like a skilled … Continue reading Nicole Bassey

Umuahia 1969.

Umuahia 1969.

This war is a war of slavery, of bruised egos and insulted pride. This war posing as a war of unification, cloakin as a war against disintegration, is a total irony. This war with trademark charred remains, disembered ghouls and hunger-ravaged zombies dead-walking on spaghetti legs, is a crime. This war, civil yet with more civilian casualties, with more home dead in red cross camps than forest battlefields, is uncivili and barbaric. This war, a quarter-century later in the hideous maulings, vicious dissections and torchings by patriots and jihadists clasping qurans and chanting the greatness of God, Echoes again.


The difference between the girl and the woman is that the former is innocent and the latter is guilt-filled Fresh and naive as against a heavy, broken heart; the body of youth in contrast to the gait of experience. Age is just a number: in every woman there is a fledgling girl seeking an expression … Continue reading Woman

Outcast – Episode 7

I had been crawling behind Clara, on each and every step of the stairs. Scare beyond my wits, I had stubbornly refused to heed the foreboding fear churning at my guts. I thought I could handle it until the fear became paralyzing. Now, I wished I had listened to my gut instinct. I shouldn’t have … Continue reading Outcast – Episode 7

Oni’s Apapa Odessey – Alaba Okuyiga

Oni’s Apapa Odessey – Alaba Okuyiga

Shimmering water slurped on the edge of the footpath as the sun beat down on the Marina.  Oni’s sandaled feet shuffled in the hot weather as he stared at the ships on the other side of the docks.  The vessels included tramp steamers, oil barges and even the ferries that carried people from Apapa across … Continue reading Oni’s Apapa Odessey – Alaba Okuyiga