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Another form of Colonialism

I turned on my computer this morning and as my custom is, I visited a couple of news websites to keep myself updated with recent happenings. On the Punch Nigeria website, two headlines got my attention “Britain’s House of Lords passes gay marriage bill” and“Nigeria, UN disagree over same-sex marriage, death penalty”. I read both news and decided … Continue reading Another form of Colonialism

Memoirs of an Immigrant II

Memoirs of an Immigrant II

Kalu wasn’t pleased when his Oga called him up earlier than usual. It was 4:30am and the early morning breeze was blowing gently into Kalu’s room through the opened window which made him feel slightly cold. Although he felt like lying back on his bed and pretending he didn’t hear his Oga call, he knew … Continue reading Memoirs of an Immigrant II


She was the finest i have ever seen Clothed in beauty like flowers and grasses green. I stood and gazed,lost in thought while my eyes upon her bosom laid   Even the wisest cannot tell how her frame curves beneath her waist her smile and eyes, soothes me when with troubles my heart is faced . … Continue reading Woman