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Hi, i'm Ugochukwu, a '97 kid...........i write a little and hope to make positive differences in the art with the help of you guys...hmu.


We had always known The Civic Centre for two things: pretty tall buildings and Crowd so it was not much surprise that Ms. Davies had chosen this part of town to flag off her campaign to run for District Attorney and of course, what’s a Campaign without its sponsor, Mr. Dmitri Udinov. People claim it’s … Continue reading Val

The Quill – The Art of Writing

THE QUILL Hey guys, how’s everyone been? Well, I’m glad you could stop by on here because it’s definitely worth it. Although this is quite bent more towards Writers, readers too could learn a thing or two and who knows, you just might be heading on your way to being ‘the’ next editor. Welcome to … Continue reading The Quill – The Art of Writing

Memo To All – Naijastories How Far??!!

Sheesh!!!!!!, its been a while since i had anything posted here, kind of feel nervous but anyway I’d still get it done (OgaOga wont block this post-hopefully) First off, i know its been FOREVER, so at this point I’d like to give a BIG shoutout to my Uhhhhhh, to @ufuomaotebele : Madam how you dey?? … Continue reading Memo To All – Naijastories How Far??!!

The Crossroad: Caught Up In A Two Way Junction II

“I’ll get it” Ufuoma volunteered. God please, let it not be Chris, she thought as she walked over to the window to take a peep. There was a Range Rover 2015 L.E parked in front of the crib, she gasped. Just a few days ago she had talked about Chris with cars, especially her love … Continue reading The Crossroad: Caught Up In A Two Way Junction II

The Crossroads: Caught Up In a Two Way Junction

Ufuoma Otebele closed the door to her office and walked sluggishly down the stairs. The daily activities were becoming too much for her to cope with compared to what she got as salary. She found it hard to walk down the stairs that led to the subway station everyday due to the burden the thought … Continue reading The Crossroads: Caught Up In a Two Way Junction


R E B E L DEVILS. PRIESTS. BEASTS. Devils, we never thought they existed until we witnessed them firsthand-Superfast, super strong and ever shady in their acts. The most feared creatures that walked upon the face of the earth and everyone knew for sure why it was so-for they wore the “pendant of grace” with … Continue reading Rebel

The Single Parent

The Single Parent

The alarm on the chest to her bed rang, it was already 5:40 am and so the day’s activity led to begin. She slowly got out of bed and fell to her knee’s to pray. Reluctantly, Neon walked over to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for her kids who would be up in no time. … Continue reading The Single Parent