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Well, I am just a simple girl who loves writing and reading.

Peace, Hope, and a Cool Glass of Water

Dear run-away friend, The journey began with us—two tiny souls. I was fifteen and you were thirteen, do you remember us? Our paths crossed when innocence was still innocent. I was that young senorita from El Paso Texas and you were that African girl from Nigeria; just two tenth graders with no plans but dreams. … Continue reading Peace, Hope, and a Cool Glass of Water

Loving Her Quiet Away: Ufuoma Otebele

She wrapped herself in purple clovers while white petals poured down like rain and covered the cloud we were in. A flowered circlet on her head, she turned slowly and her long yellow-chiffon-maxi dress swayed along with her carefully formed hips. And she laughed—giggling sounds that erupted from deep within her never before free essence. … Continue reading Loving Her Quiet Away: Ufuoma Otebele

Let This Beauty Shine

Standing at 5.8 feet tall; the ever beautiful, Pelumi Grace. Pelumi isn’t just any beautiful woman with some features to make a man crawl to her feet; she has everything. Make no mistake that ‘everything’ includes an exceptionally intelligent brain. Graced with a glowing dark, rich complexion, in fact, Pelumi was often bullied as a … Continue reading Let This Beauty Shine