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Tony Ogunlowo is a London-based writer and author of fifteen books spanning poetry collections, plays, short-story collections, novels and novellas. As a prolific columnist his articles are syndicated throughout Nigeria and the rest of the world, published in blogs, print newspapers and magazines and websites. His short stories and flash fiction have been broadcast over the BBC and Smooth 98.1 FM #thetalesatnightime and his pidgin English poetry is studied as part of the Nigerian Open University English Literature course EN214.

What was Lord Lugard thinking?

What was Lord Lugard thinking ? Was he on the sherry, opium or destracted by his mistress ?   Who in his right mind would open a Pandoras box amalgamating the North with the South ?   Methought God put the rivers Niger and Benue there for a reason – to keep us apart!

“Orbitplane” – a science fiction story by Tony Ogunlowo

“Orbitplane” – a science fiction story by Tony Ogunlowo

“Orbitplane”   by     Tony Ogunlowo              It had to be an Orbitplane,nothing else! I offered to buy her a  Strato- Glider, but no, it had to be an Orbitplane. All her friends at college had Orbitplanes and  why couldn’t she? Try explaining to a stroppy teenager these things don’t come cheap, … Continue reading “Orbitplane” – a science fiction story by Tony Ogunlowo