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Tony Ogunlowo is a London-based writer and author of fifteen books spanning poetry collections, plays, short-story collections, novels and novellas. As a prolific columnist his articles are syndicated throughout Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and the rest of the world, published in blogs, print newspapers and magazines and websites. His short stories and flash fiction have been broadcast over the BBC and Smooth 98.1 FM #thetalesatnightime and his pidgin English poetry is studied as part of the Nigerian Open University English Literature course EN214.

Kim in the Garden of Eden (Flash fiction)

The Serpent slithered over to where Kim sat on a rock, naked, taking a selfie and preening herself. “ Do you know why God forbade you from eating from the Tree of Knowledge?”, asked the snake. “Because my bum will grow bigger?”, she shot back without even thinking. “ No!”, hissed the snake,”…try again”. She … Continue reading Kim in the Garden of Eden (Flash fiction)