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I'ma singer, rapper, poet, writer, thinker, philosopher, actor, compere,comedian, dj, empowerment activist................ etc. Some might call me 'jack of all trade,' but I choose to call myself a total entertainer. I believe that for true learning to take place, there has to be a fun element. If a student doesn't find a subject interesting, the odds are that he wouldn't enjoy it, and consequently he will fail. I like to keep my audience entertained and amused. I try to consistently blend creativity with accessibility, delivering to my readers, easily understandable literature that does not compromise on originality. hehehe

Music 101: Vulgarity Sells, But Sense Sells More!

Apparently, this is not news. Sense eloped from our music industry years ago. Gone are the days when musicians were appreciated and lauded for their inspiring and motivating lyrics. The times have disappeared when Pastors and Imams could borrow from the song books of our artistes and infuse in their sermons. Nowadays, a man cannot … Continue reading Music 101: Vulgarity Sells, But Sense Sells More!