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I am an upcoming writer. I am the Editor in Chief of a Christian Magazine, called ,'GLORY'.I am also the Literary Editor/Social Media Manager for Pearls magazine. I studied Electrical Electronics Engineering at Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu. I am a simple going sociable and reserved guy. I love movies, music and also playing video games. I am also a singer/Rapper and a poet I am hoping to get my books published soon. Writing defines me.Insightful insights gives birth to thoughts unimaginable.She has given birth to me,but am still here waiting to be reborn. Am re-born through poetry even though it is not my field.I just love writing. Poetry is just more than a means of expression,it gives me a sense of belonging and completeness. With poetry I am me.

Tales Of Mabel 2 (The Revelation)

“She is coming around”, the nurse said. The doctor came, made some observations. “She is stable now”. Relief washed over everyone in the room, most especially Idoroyin. She tried to decipher what could have made her mum lose consciousness. Now she could resume that exercise, now that her mum was out of danger,atleast, according to … Continue reading Tales Of Mabel 2 (The Revelation)