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Social Media and the paradox of giving

Oh my! What a day in a nerd’s life. Sunday, that coveted day for rest. Wishful thinking for a young hustler. Against my wish, I had two table-spoon of Benylin cough syrup last night to rid me of the biting cough. Its effect I knew beforehand so the drowsy feeling, slowness and hunger that have … Continue reading Social Media and the paradox of giving

Echoes from a soccer drama-fest

The atmosphere at “CC arena” was tense filled to the brim with anxious fans sitting sandwiched like sardines. Sweats streamed down the faces of spectators as the standing fan by the corner helplessly blew hot air. The odour was apparent; a mix of dry sweats and stale breaths. With, a few minutes to go before … Continue reading Echoes from a soccer drama-fest

Siju’s memoirs: through daddy’s rearview

Awoken by the sound of the alarm, I said a quick prayer and rolled up my mat into a corner. Next, I hurled my bucket of water to the bathroom we shared with several other tenants. Characteristic of the renowned face-me-I-face-you houses in Lagos, everything that had a public face to it had to be … Continue reading Siju’s memoirs: through daddy’s rearview

Nature’s burden

Nature’s burden

Maybe I’d simply become rusty. After all, I hadn’t attended a conventional church service in a while. That’s not the focus though. Rather, it’s the raging contradiction that ironically chronicles nature’s very own characteristic calls. I’d been seated for 2 hours when nature posed a tempting call: sleep. Yawning and twisting in my seat, I … Continue reading Nature’s burden

The “X” factor

Prologue… As I look forth to yet another iterative phase of my entrepreneurial pursuit, the X factor comes to mind. X, the unknown variable! Expressible in many words, phrases, languages yet culminating in the same symbol,”?”. How interesting this universal factor! Captivating, the task required towards resolving its unknown state. Suspense, the mood to describe the journey that … Continue reading The “X” factor