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I Hear You Give Good Advice

It’s quite easy to forget the days of humble beginnings when one finally gets that big break always dreamt of. At least I know that’s what happened to me. It was as though every time my fans cheered “Mariah Ike!” a part of my painful past got chipped off and I felt lighter. The new … Continue reading I Hear You Give Good Advice



There was something off about the office setting. I felt it appeared too serene. I had successfully maneuvered every camera and heat signature sensor, but I wasn’t comfortable. It wasn’t my first time: it definitely wasn’t for lack of experience. I tried to clear my head of doubts: for it was my overburdened mind that … Continue reading Bullseye

Spoils of War (18+) – E03 (The End)

Read up E01 here Read up E02 here The memories of last night were still hazy. Ms. Jane still couldn’t think clearly. In fragments, images of Bane ramming her flickered through her mind. For each image she saw her heart skipped a beat: the guilt of having Hugo besides her caused that. “Are you alright?” … Continue reading Spoils of War (18+) – E03 (The End)

Spoils of War (18+) – E02

Spoils of War (18+) – E02

I cannot bring myself to cheat on him. Each time Jane turned and saw Bane in the driver’s seat her heart jumped with guilt and pleasure. Thoughts of how she had betrayed Hugo’s trust and her sanctity to remain chaste for the man she truly loved and wanted to spend forever with, made matters worse. … Continue reading Spoils of War (18+) – E02

Cold 2: Revelations

Everyone stared intently at the Priest before the altar. He was becoming a bore. It was the mass before Christmas and Fr. Newborn was taking time too much than necessary; it was as though he didn’t realize the urgency with which the guys hoped to cause mayhem in the streets of Awka: the Anambra state … Continue reading Cold 2: Revelations

The Fall Of Oshodi

I boarded a bus home from Charity, the same way I’ve been doing the past three months I started working around that area. Today was an unusual day; this I could tell because it quickly fell dark. I didn’t bother to check my wristwatch for the time because my inner clock had already supplied it … Continue reading The Fall Of Oshodi

Love me, even in dark times.

Love me, even in dark times.

“Don’t go baby!” She cried out, her body writhing in sync with her voice. “Doc, help her, she’s in pain.” The gentleman turned to look at me in distraught. I remained speechless, pretending to be too engrossed in what I was detailing to the Nurses with me. I heard the wife speak faintly. “Don’t leave … Continue reading Love me, even in dark times.

Let us have sex

“Let’s make love!” She announced to my happy hearing. I wasted no time in saying yes. We didn’t bother to continue deceiving ourselves with preambles. As young adults we both knew what we wanted, and how to get it wasn’t going to be a problem anymore. We agreed to meet up at her father’s garage … Continue reading Let us have sex

Welcome to Lagos: Inside the bus (S1E2)

  In loving memory of the last episode of  The Welcome to Lagos series, Danfo palavas (which can be found here by the way ), I offer you this sequel to ease your pains with as much quantum of laughter as you can muster. If you live in Lagos, and you’ve never noticed these categories … Continue reading Welcome to Lagos: Inside the bus (S1E2)