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Fans are make or mar molders, They play with your esteem, But are never a compact team. Fans are less often shareholders, They do not own your team, They are just its steam. Is life that thing you would rather swank about than talk of? Then your fans would help you do the puff-puff. They … Continue reading Fans


Dressed in a strong morale of immorality, She was standing at the reception. Apparently as a waitress, But she was not. She actually posed it for his attention. Her figure-eight shape, That could even make a gentlemqn stand starry in public, Yawning and salivating in his eyes, While his spittle turns alcoholic. To avoid a … Continue reading She



You must be shame, The so much talked of. I have heard stories of your misdeeds, How you removed the man in her spirit, How you brought to ruin a destined top shot. You must be shame, The so much avoided and run from, The morale dungeon You must be shame, The renowned moral builder, … Continue reading Shame