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A grad of linguistics and comm. studies. I'm always inspired to write whenever I read a well written article/story.

The Smell Of Joy – Final Part

The spittle and vomit became intense, I began emaciating; each medical report from the doctor after every anti-natal session became a poison to my soul. At only 24weeks pregnant, complications had forced me to undergo an emergency caesarean, as advised by the family doctor, in order to deliver our long awaited jewel. Still groggy from … Continue reading The Smell Of Joy – Final Part

Inside A Lady’s Best Companion

What is in a lady’s handbag? One million and one things or should I say, what should be in a lady’s handbag? The question becomes advantageous because the handbag is the lady’s best companion. Wherever she goes, you see her clutching it as though her life depends on it. Big, black, smart and small, it … Continue reading Inside A Lady’s Best Companion