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The Forerunner – Epilogue

The Forerunner – Epilogue

On October 22nd a covert division in the Nigerian police was created, it was termed the Division on Paranormal Activities, alias, the mystic unit, and w       as tasked with investigating and solving crimes bearing unusual parameters; basically the atrocities and crimes that were to follow after the exorcism of the Forerunner. Seven individuals made up … Continue reading The Forerunner – Epilogue

Kano State Marriage Arrangement – A Senseless Merry-go-round

About a year ago the Kano state government embarked on a peculiar project, one that was novel in the annals of our National history; they were giving 250 different women out in marriage. These women consisted of widows, divorcees and any other woman who was interested in getting wedded. The State government had graciously offered … Continue reading Kano State Marriage Arrangement – A Senseless Merry-go-round