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Beck & Call 2

Beyond her door lay all the comfort a prized suite could hold. When she entered, it offered safety from fear. She locked the door behind her, then reached blindly for the switch next to it. A hand like a vice gripped her wrist and twisted her arm, then pushed her backward so fast her scream … Continue reading Beck & Call 2

Beck & Call 1

“Miss Donah?” The receptionist’s hesitant voice stopped her in the middle of the lobby. “Miss Donah.” Toni Donah turned to the caller. “Yes?” “What is it?” Saint asked on her behalf. A camera kitbag hung from his left shoulder, balancing his stance. Only inches taller Toni, he was thicker than he was solid, needing it … Continue reading Beck & Call 1

Sin 25

“So, what did they say?” Jemima asked. “Nothing.” “Nothing?” Hands linked, we walked though the secretariat lobby. “My licence is intact. Prisca convinced them it wasn’t their business whether I took advantage of her or not, so long as she didn’t report it.” “How is that supposed to be convincing?” she asked doubtfully. “The conviction … Continue reading Sin 25

Sin 24

Tuesday went like a breeze, a stinking breeze. I didn’t want it to end, because I wanted to keep Wednesday at bay as long as possible. Talk about stilling time. I was again a toddler balking at waking up on the first day of school. I’d grown up independent, which served me well in the … Continue reading Sin 24

Sin 23

  When the faculty director called you into his office, it wasn’t to chum up. Professor Tayo Banks never called you into his office unless something was amiss. You didn’t have to tremble with fear; you just needed to be concerned and on the lookout. As I entered his office, I tried not to appear … Continue reading Sin 23

Sin 22

The first fifteen minutes, I recounted the incident and events surrounding it, glossing over parts I didn’t think mattered and keeping away parts that breached confidentiality. He would need as much information as was possible if he was going to defend me. Soon more details were bound to emerge. Litigation always had ways of unearthing … Continue reading Sin 22

Sin 21

  The most depressing weekend ended and the crappiest week began with an unexpected call on the dot of eight. I was walking into my office on Monday morning when the phone buzzed. It was Prisca Braithwaite. “Good morning, sir.” “Yes?” Indignation flooded me. “I want to apologise, Doctor Mala, about Friday night. I’m truly, … Continue reading Sin 21

Sin 18

Thirty seconds. I waited, counting the slow tick of the black second hand of a clock on the wall across from the room. It was slow and tortuous. I waited another thirty seconds. Desire spiked through me like a hot spear. I heard blood rushing in my ears. My heartbeat was out of control. When … Continue reading Sin 18